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Welcome, Scott!

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

We are so excited to have Scott Browning join our team as the newest Sales and Marketing Representative! Scott has an extensive sales background, and he is eager to get started. We can't wait to watch him succeed! 

Fall is in Full Swing

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fall is in the air! This time of year is the best to get some much needed work done in and around your home. The cooler weather makes it bearable to be outside to work in the yard, or on the outside of your house before the cold and dark of winter sets in. Follow these tips for easy maintenance you can do now!

1. Give attention to trees and shrubs: The reason for this is that there is not much growth for trees/plants this time of year, so many things start to die. The importance of taking care of trees and shrubs is to lessen the chance of one of them falling and causing major damage to your home or car during a winter storm.

2. Check your safety devices: This one is very important. It is crucial to make sure you are checking your smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. This would also be a good time to check your home for radon. As the weather gets cooler, windows are not opened as often, which could cause for radon build up inside your home.

3. Clean gutters and drain pipes: During storms, leaves can clog up your gutters and drain pipes. This causes water back up and can cause major damage to your home's roof and siding.

4. Check your ducts and seal gaps: Now that the weather is cooling off, its time to start warming up the house. It is important to get your duct work checked to insure that everything is sealed properly in order to not experience heat loss. By making sure this is taking care of, it will also help cut costs on electricity bills!

Want to get your ducts checked?

Give SERVPRO of Walker County a call at (205)-387-7656 and have one of our trained professionals come out and take a look. 

Working at SERVPRO!

3/29/2016 (Permalink)

I’ve been employed at SERVPRO for 1 year and 3 months. I will tell you SERVPRO is a GREAT company to work for!

I was previously employed by a big box retail company for over 20 years. I suddenly lost my job due to corporate downsizing. I was devastated, to say the least. A friend told me about an open position at SERVPRO in my hometown and I felt it would be of interest. I was already interviewing with other retail companies but thought I would inquire about SERVPRO. I called the franchise manager and told him I was interested in the sales position and that I would like to bring my resume’ for him to consider. He called me back and scheduled an interview.

I was in interview mode as I had already interviewed twice with a retail operation; one that I felt I would go to work for. But I still wanted to know what SERVPRO had to offer. During the interview, the manager told me something that shocked me. He was speaking of the franchise owner and said, “Greg told me when I started, if I was ever in question about his decision-making or how he will operate his company, I can refer to The Ten Commandments.”  That statement grabbed my attention. Then he told me about the SERVPRO founders and their faith in God. I couldn’t believe that these principals existed in the corporate workplace.

I was struggling during a tough time, not knowing what was in store for my family and me. But I felt that God was leading me in this direction to show me that I am still one of His children. I was offered the opportunity to work here and there was no longer any question as to the direction of my future. It would be with SERVPRO!

My first day of work, we gathered in the conference room for a conference call with the other two franchises that make up our company. The call started off with prayer requests. Once again, I was shocked and impressed beyond measure. Here I am, working for a company that believes in, allows, and values prayer.  Mr. Greg and Miss Angela have created a Christian environment and use their faith along with these principals and values in their daily operations. And they never pass up an opportunity to praise God and share His love. We have a saying around here that I’ve heard many times; Be a blessing to someone today!

This opportunity has been an unquestionable blessing in my life. And that’s what it means to me to work for SERVPRO!

- Philip Hammitte, Sales and Marketing Representative